Innovative music production from Barcelona - specializing in progressive Hip-Hop, R'n'B, and Soul.

Our team of music and audio experts accompanies artists throughout the entire music production process – from songwriting to the final master. With our background in a variety of musical genres such as Jazz or Rock and the use of innovative audio technology, we support artists to find and develop their very own distinct sound.

ABM Studio is a high-end production studio in Barcelona designed for vocal recording, beat production and mixing.

We provide a hybrid studio built for modern music production processes and highest sound quality demands with a fine selection of analog and digital production tools as well as an accurate acoustic environment.

Located in a music hub of 850 m2 with eight studios, only ten minutes away from the beach, ABM Studio is an inspiring environment to work on music projects in close collaboration with experienced producers.

You bring the idea. We bring an outstanding team of instrumentalists, producers and audio engineers to realize it.


High-end selection of microphones and recording equipment in an acoustically optimized and inspiring environment to capture your best performance.

Vocal Production

State-of-the-art editing and processing to achieve a crystal clear sound and the best representation of your performance – tailored to your voice and sound aesthetics.


Classically trained instrumentalists and composers assist you in writing melodies, harmonies and rhythms in order to put your song ideas into practice.

Custom Beats

Genre specific custom beat production – by a precise analysis of your references, experienced producers help you to create your very own sound that makes your music stand out from the „type-beat“ competition.


Hybrid approach of analog and digital mixing to reach a clear, punchy, and well-balanced version of your song that is equally enjoyable on all playback devices – engineering with taste and attitude.


In close cooperation with trusted mastering engineers, we deliver your final master – consistent and ready to compete on all platforms.

Production in Dolby Atmos. More than remixing. Immersive sound design and mixing from scratch. Coming soon.

Dolby Atmos has arrived in music streaming. With its downward compatibility through binauralization on consumer playback devices, it is likely to become the new standard format for music consumption in the future. Currently, most music releases in Dolby Atmos are remixed with tracks that were originally written and produced for stereo. ABM starts one step before. We believe that the full potential of Dolby Atmos Music is realized when songs are written, produced and arranged with an immersive mix in mind from the very beginning. ABM is at the forefront of innovative music production to support artists that want to stand out from the crowd and create new immersive music experiences.

Go beyond music. Our trusted partners help you get the best out of your finished songs and create awareness among your audience.

Photo | Videography

Accompaniment by professional photographers and a video production team – shoot your music video in Barcelona or have your studio session documented in high definition.

Distribution | Publishing

Distribution of your music on the most relevant streaming portals, publishing of your musical work as well as consulting on royalties of sound recording and composition rights – share your music while building consistent revenue streams and retaining 100% of your rights.

Marketing | Branding

Design and storytelling as well as web development, SEO and social media campaigns – create your unique artist brand and reach your audience online. Made by experienced google partners.

ABM provides studio space and expertise for collaboration to make an impact in the music scene.

Newcomer Incubation

We’re looking for talented and unique artists who share the same vision about music as we do. Send us your demo and let us boost your career free of charge.

Label Partnerships

Expand your label with our production team to form symbiotic group that creates and maintains a distinct sound.


ABM Studio provides the facility and structure to host workshops together with music and audio experts – ten minutes away from the beach of Barcelona.

Writing Camps

Located in a music hub with eight production studios on 850m2, ABM Studio is an ideal host for writing and camps with producers and artists from all sorts of musical backgrounds.

ABM Production

Carrer de Llull 48
08005 Barcelona

ABM Management

Wacholderstr. 42
40489 Düsseldorf

Your needs are as individual as your music.

After your request we get back to you for a personal consultation to figure out how we can work together with you on your next project.


Thank you! We will get back to you soon.